Are you dreading Thanksgiving?

To be honest, Thanksgiving has never been one of my favorite holidays. I could never understand why everyone would want to get together with people they never see otherwise (and usually have unresolved issues with!) and gorge themselves on food until they make themselves immobile. The only thing that kept me going through the whole ordeal was knowing I could have a slice of pumpkin pie.

Now that I am a wannabe vegan, I am dreading this holiday even more. The thought of seeing the turkey on the table and knowing what it had to go through to get there feels me with dread. I can’t imagine I will have much of an appetite, let alone be able to eat heartily and enjoy myself. But shifting my perspectives is what becoming vegan is all about, so I really want to try and make Thanksgiving enjoyable again and something I look can forward to.

Have a Happy Vegan Thanksgiving!

After doing a bit of soul searching, I came up with the following perspective-shifting thoughts. I am hoping that they will help me handle the combination of family, food and being vegan on the 25th just a bit more easily and positively:

  1. I choose to think of being vegan as being a simple dietary choice. Just like some people don’t like to eat okra, I don’t like to eat animal products. Simple as that. When someone tells you they don’t like okra you normally don’t give them any grief unless you are a big okra fan but even then, it is usually just a, “Really? I can’t believe you don’t like okra. It’s the best!” and then the conversation moves on. If I treat my  choice to be vegan in the same way, hopefully others will follow suit and not make a big deal about it.
  2. I realized that being invited into someone’s home for Thanksgiving is a nice gesture that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are letting me know that they value my presence and are willing to spend a lot of time and effort to make the experience an enjoyable one for me and everyone else. The best way to reciprocate the gesture is to be an appreciative guest. I plan on doing this by bringing a vegan dish or two of my own that I know people will like. This guarantees that I will have something to eat (which will help me feel less stressed about the situation) and will hopefully introduce others to some yummy recipes.
  3. At the dinner, I plan on keeping a positive attitude about being vegan. If anyone wants to know more about my choices, I will reply in an upbeat manner. I will tell them about all of the positive changes it has made in my life and to my heath instead of feeding into the common misunderstanding that it is all about restrictions. I know that if remember that people are just trying to understand, it will be a lot easier to be compassionate and understanding of their views as well. Isn’t that what being vegan is really all about anyway?

Even just writing these down has made me feel better about the whole prospect of Thanksgiving. I hope it has given you something to consider before the holiday arrives so that your experience is enjoyable too.

What do you think? How have you handled Thanksgiving as a vegan? Please share your comments and tips below.


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