Is that a turnip!? Nope. It’s Maca!

I absolutely LOVE root vegetables and was thrilled to learn that there is a root vegetable that is considered by others to be a superfood! So, I did a bit of digging (pun intended!) to find out more about this super root rascal called Maca.

According to people who track this stuff, Maca was cultivated throughout the Andean highlands by the Pumpush, Yaro and Incas since 1200 B.C. because of its ability to increase fertility, fortitude and energy. Even the Spaniards, who normally didn’t partake in native foods, used Maca in order for themselves and their livestock to remain fertile and productive in the harsh conditions of the Andes.

It is grown in the pristine but harsh areas of Peru and Bolivia; 13,000+ feet above sea level. It is a strong, resilient plant that works hard to survive and acquire the nutrients it needs to thrive. Maybe that’s why I love the roots – they’re hard workers!

The growth, size and proportions are similar to turnips, as shown in the picture. The green, fragrant tops are short. The seeds have no dormancy since their native habitat is harsh year-round. They can be gold/cream, red, purple, blue, black or green in color. Cream colored are the most widely grown because of their sweetness and size.

Maca is packed full of goodness:

  • 19 essential amino acids
  • 20 free fatty acids
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and D
  • 8 minerals
  • sterols

If you’re impressed so far, just wait! In my next post, I will discuss the amazing health benefits of Maca Root.

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What do you know about Maca? Do you dis/like it? I would love to hear your comments on the blog, on facebook or on twitter.


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