Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness Book Review – Part I

Robert Cheeke recently sent me a copy of his book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness and requested that I review it. Even though I am not a professional bodybuilder, I was thrilled to learn more so that I could create a more muscular and healthier body of my own – all on a plant-based diet.

Since the book is 317 pages, I decided that I would do the review in sections. This post is my impression of the beginning sections of the book and Chapter 1.

Robert’s book and cover includes pictures of himself from age 10 to age 29 intermingled with pictures of animals, which are referenced throughout the text. He humbly begins the book with a dedication and acknowledgments, which I thought was a very positive beginning.

In his About the Author section he gives an overview of his life up to this point and what drives him every day to do what he is doing. I especially like his attitude as reflected in this quote:

“My vision is to be right more than wrong, happy more than sad, nice more than mean, caring more than apathetic, and to live without limits.”

The Introduction explains his professional background and how the book came into being. It is encouraging to see that although the book was delayed, Robert was not put off and followed through with his commitment to the original goal of sharing his knowledge in book form.

The first Chapter, Why Vegan?, in addition to a general overview of veganism, describes in more detail Robert’s childhood, his progression into veganism and eventually into bodybuilding. It is all very personal, heartfelt and sincere.

He is definitely a man on a mission and I am confident he will reach his many goals.

I look forward to reading Chapter 2 and reviewing it in a future post.


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