Movies and Vegans: “What is Wrong With You?”

I watched Everything is Illuminated last night and absolutely loved it!

Based on the novel by Jonathan Safran Foer, it stars Elijah Wood and a cast of characters that are bizarre, yet completely familiar.

I’m not sure what that says about who I am hanging out with these days!

In addition to being a well-made, unpredictable and touching movie, it contains one of the funniest, yet thought-provoking, veggie scenes I have seen lately:

As irreverent as this movie can be, the message is quite clear; there are a lot of people on this planet who don’t have a clue what being a vegetarian or vegan means, let alone why someone would choose the lifestyle.

My blog, along with all of the other vegetarian and vegan-related blogs out there right now, will hopefully change that.

But I also call upon each of you reading this right now to increase the awareness in any way you can so that the initial response of someone isn’t “What is wrong with you?”

Instead, wouldn’t it be great if they asked, “Ya know, I’ve heard a lot of great things about eating a plant-based diet. Please tell me more!”

It would also be great to see a more positive representation of wannabe vegans in the movies too.

I have found it very interesting (meaning good and bad) how people who choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle are represented and will definitely be writing more about this topic in future posts.

By the way, Jonathon Safran Foer is also the author of Eating Animals.

What do you do to increase awareness about vegetarianism and veganism?

Have you seen any interesting scenes in movies that make reference to a plant-based diet?

I would love to hear your comments on the blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.


4 Responses to Movies and Vegans: “What is Wrong With You?”

  1. hipydeus says:

    Good question. The most important i learned is not to push people. If you want to convince someone who ate meat for 30 years it needs time. It works much better in a subtle way. A comment here a book recommendation there (Eating Animals works very well). I try to implant a seed in their heads that will hopefully grow. Vegetarians should appear cool, trendy, healthy and friendly and not frustrated (although i know how hard it is sometimes) And dont forget, having 50% vegetarians or 50% less meat consumption gives the same result. Always a good trick if you tell people it is ok to eat less first and then see if they can do the big step..:-)

    • hipydeus – thank you for your comments. I agree that eloquence and moderation are good ideas in any situation, especially discussions about lifestyles that are not commonly understood. I also appreciate your suggestions for reminding people that they can take one small step at a time – this can go a long way in slowly opening a door, that would have remained closed, for people who are automatically fearful of anything new and different.

  2. Jakethy says:

    I would’ve said what hipydeus already covered. Altho’, as much as I don’t like to be preachy, I just watched the documentary “Earthlings” and it enraged me so that it’s hard not to shake people sometimes and ask them, “What’s wrong with YOU?” But it took me almost 39 years to come around, so I try to be understanding. The moment of clarity that happened for me and that I try to share with others was when I asked my girlfriend why it would matter if I stopped eating meat. “I want to make a difference, but I’m just one person.” “Yes,” she said, “but a moment ago I was just one person.” Slow steps are often easier for people to accept, but each of has the power to make our decisions contagious.

    • Jakethy – thank you for your comments. I understand your anger after watching Earthlings. My reaction was the same, along with tremendous sadness and honestly, some despair. But what finally came through for me, like for you, was the idea of compassion and understanding. If I expect others to be compassionate to animals and people who choose not to eat them, then I too have to be compassionate towards people who don’t fully understand the idea yet. This creates a positive dialogue and sets the stage for the ideas we want to exchange. What you said about each of us having the power to make our decisions contagious is so profound! It is so absolutely true and I am so grateful that in the sharing of ideas through movies, blogs, etc. we all have the tools to connect with so many people who would have otherwise felt alone.

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