Can Online Directories Help You Find Fresh Local Produce?

Because the majority of a wannabe vegan diet is fruits and vegetables, I am constantly trying to find fresh, organic and non-GM foods that are local and reasonably priced. With all of those criteria, it can sometimes be difficult. The following online resources make the process a lot easier and much more efficient.

Organic Consumers Association / Green People Directory
These two organizations have come together to provide one of the world’s largest databases of green and organic businesses. What’s cool about the directory is that you can search by category or filter your results by zip code, distance, type of product and keywords. For each company there is a short description and a hyperlink to a more detailed listing. The listing includes their contact information and a comprehensive description of what they offer. People can leave comments about the company too to further help you decide if you want to buy from them.

Local Harvest
This website is a treasure trove of information if you want to find farmers’ markets, family farms, and sources of sustainably grown food in your area. You can filter results by type of company, name, description, product or location. The results are mapped and include a hyperlink to a detailed listing that includes contact information, links and reviews.

The Organic Pages by The Organic Trade Association
This directory provides a quick, easy way to find certified organic produce offered by OTA members. There are a number of ways to search, from clicking on a map to filtering by category. It doesn’t provide a full description of each company, but does provide links to the company websites so you can find out more there.

Have you visited these directories? What do you think of them? I would love to hear your comments here, Facebook or on Twitter.


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