Growing My Own Food – Not Such a Bad Idea So Far!

The more I learn about issues surrounding the food at a grocery store, the more I am glad that I am growing my own food and buying from my local co-op and farmers market.

The gardening idea was a bit intimidating since my last attempt at creating food wasn’t necessarily a good one – growing 20+ tomato plants from seed can be a lot of work – especially in the arid and crappy soil conditions of Colorado!

But this time, things have been much easier from the get-go.

The first batch of plants was bought from a couple of large stores that have gardening sections in the summer (their guarantee that you can return them if they die was the driving factor – very low confidence level at that point!). The second batch was from FreeCycle – a woman was generous enough to offer plants that she had grown from seed but didn’t need.

I am happy to report that are all thriving and enjoying the beautiful summer weather so far. Here are some pictures to prove it (mostly to myself)!

If you haven’t grown your own food, I highly recommend it. It is really a treat to wake up every morning, look out at the plants and see that they are expanding, growing and becoming even more gorgeous than before. The fact that they are going to produce amazing veggies is almost a side point now.

Before I go, I had to throw in a picture of my lovely cat “Baby” enjoying the morning with me. She is 15 years old and quite the crankster most of the time, but today she was posing for the camera – not something she does often! – and here’s the shot I captured:

Are you growing your own food? Share your experiences on the blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.


One Response to Growing My Own Food – Not Such a Bad Idea So Far!

  1. Fred says:

    Hello fellow gardener – way to go on growing your own food. If you have space issues and are growing cucumbers, try an old piece of wire fencing staked into the ground. You can place this up against a shed, back or side of a home, etc. The cucumber vines will find their way up the fence an won’t spread out as far as they normally like to do. Works great, you get more produce per square foot and you can just pick your veggies as you desire. If you keep the vines in a fairly sheltered area, there is no reason that you might not keep producing well into September. Tomatoes too – as long as you have yellow flowers, you are golden so to speak.

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