Is a Composting Condo In Your Future?

A few days ago I attended a vermicomposting class. There were about 20 of us who gathered to learn more about worms, how they compost our discarded food scraps and magically create fertile soil for us to grow even more plants! I was a newbie to vermicomposting, but not to the idea.

I have known about composting since I was kid – we used to have a huge pile of leaves, kitchen scraps, weeds, etc. on the side of the house that was surrounded by chicken wire. My stepdad would go out, toss it around a bit every once in a while and that was that. It seemed like an easy thing to do, assuming you had the outdoor space, a pitchfork and some muscle.

As the years went by, I didn’t think about composting for quite some time because I didn’t have an outdoor space. But when I became vegan it became a huge issue for me. It killed my soul to be throwing away all of those kitchen goodies – because there was so much more of it. I knew they could be recycled into even more veggie goodness. Instead they were going in the landfill. Lame.

So I tried a number of different indoor composting tactics. Invariably, the scraps became super gross and stinky so I would end up tossing them in the trash anyway. Obviously, composting wasn’t as easy as I originally thought!

That’s where vermicomposting can help!

These crazy worms are quite the amazing creatures and need little supervision. Plus, you can keep them under the kitchen sink!

If you set them up nicely in their own little composting condo, they will serve you well . . .

. . . but that’s for another post my dear readers.

Have you tried composting? Share your thoughts on the blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.


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