Are you ready to make your own decisions?

I just read that Venus Williams has adopted a raw vegan diet. My first reaction was, “Woo hoo! Thank goodness there will be more examples in the mainstream media of people taking responsibility for their own health.” But as I read articles, blog posts and comments about it, I started thinking. Why does it take a celebrity or someone in the public eye to convince us that something might be good (or bad) for our health. Why don’t we evaluate what works best based on what WE are feeling, what works personally for US?

I think a lot of people are slow to embrace veganism because of peer pressure to eat a ‘typical’ diet and not stand out from the rest of the group. I also think people have a basic need to feel loved and connected to the world. These needs are also at the basis of our fixation on celebrities because they DO stand out and try things some people are afraid to try on their own.

So when a celebrity decides to go vegan (and then decides it doesn’t work for them, in some circumstances), their followers who may have decided to try it too all take the same ride but without the long term benefit. The fans weren’t doing it for themselves. They weren’t evaluating based on what they felt or personally thought. They just blindly followed someone else.

To me, blind obedience, in whatever form it takes, is pretty freakin’ scary and is what got us into the massive messes that surround us now.

So, I loudly applaud Venus and anyone else for taking action to improve their health. Not because they are chose veganism, but because they evaluated, investigated and formed their OWN opinions about what is right for them.

What do you think?



2 Responses to Are you ready to make your own decisions?

  1. Zoya Lu says:

    Being vegan doesn’t suit some body types. It can be the best or the worst diet for someone. I believe that we need to find out what works for our personal constitution. I follow Ayurveda in this.

    • Thank you so much for your comments Zoya Lu! I agree, everyone should find what works best for them. I have heard of Ayurveda but don’t know much about it. I would love to learn more! Where do you recommend I start?

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