About Me


I am Alisha and I am a wannabe vegan.

My goal is to eat an entirely plant-based diet, avoid processed food, sugars, chemicals, hydrogenated fats and other nasty stuff I know my body doesn’t need.

I would also love to be able to avoid using animal products entirely but I know that in today’s world, this is nearly impossible because of the proliferation of their [sometimes hidden] use in the products we use on a daily basis.

Minimalism and simplifying my life are also on my agenda since I have found over the last 6 years that these two things and veganism go hand-in-hand. Plus, they all make me feel better about myself and the impact I have.

This blog is meant for people who are also striving to learn more about being vegan and how to make better, more informed, choices so that we can help ourselves, the animals and the planet we live on – always knowing that perfection is attainable, but not likely until a lot of people start down the same path we are on.

I will try and stay focused on the three main topics of optimal health, animal rights and environmental issues, but I may digress occasionally if something strikes my fancy and I think you might be interested. I will always keep my posts short and will use a lot of pictures and/or video since I know that is what most people like and have the time for.

I normally blog at least once a week, so if you are looking for more frequent interaction, please join me on Twitter and/or Facebook. I would love to see you there too!

So join me in this virtual journey – it’s definitely going to be unique, inspiring and fun!

With love,


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Daphne says:

    Hello! Had the pleasure of meeting you at the farmer’s market yesterday and introducing you to our Chive Talkin line of edgy apparel that gets people to start thinking about herbs and spices. What an amazing blog! Let me know how we might connect for your videos you will be filming and any shirts you may want for that and how we can help each other “Spread The Herb!” 🙂

    Daphne Jacobs Zargar
    Founder & Co-CEO

    • Hi Daphne – I think you have me confused with someone else. I would be happy to work with you to ‘spread the herb’ if you would like to forward some information. 🙂 Alisha

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