I just got a B12 Booster!

Recently, I noticed I was running out my Pure Vegan B12 spray. I was contemplating going back to the Healthy Habit B12 Energy Patches I had used before just to mix it up a bit. My top priority, regardless of the form of my B12, was to buy local (a commitment I made at the beginning of the summer). Unfortunately, no one in my area sells any B12 except in the form of a pill. I don’t like pills, so I decided to take a leap that I had been thinking about for while. What about getting a B12 shot?!

It seemed a bit drastic and to be honest the only time I had heard anything about them was from celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Madonna (yes! I still consider myself hip enough to reference them in my blog!). I knew there was a local lab that did it but I didn’t know any of the details. So, of course, I did a bit of internet research.

According to Any Lab Test Now’s website, a Vitamin B12 injection can:

  • Increase Your Energy
  • Help You Lose Weight
  • Enhance Your Mood
  • Improve Your Sleep

Who doesn’t want all that and for only $15!? So I sucked up some courage, made my way down to the lab and sat in the waiting area for my turn. In less than 5 minutes, my body contained a B12 booster. I thought I was going to have to get one every week, but the woman giving me the shot said she had one every 3 weeks to help her sleep. I’m anxious to see if I get all of the promised benefits in the coming weeks too.

Have you had a B12 shot? What benefits did you experience? Please share your thoughts below, on Facebook or on Twitter.


Feelin’ a Little Funky? Get Yourself Some B12!

When I became a wannabe vegan, I started hearing and reading a lot about B12 deficiency and how it can be a concern for people who choose not to consume animal products.

To make sure that I didn’t run into any problems, I started doing a bit of research on ways I could get this wonder vitamin into my system so that I didn’t experience any of the deficiency symptoms like lethargy, distraction and crankiness.

The first product I tried was Healthy Habits B12 patches. Each patch contains 1000 mcg of Methylcobalamin B-12 and 400mcg Folic Acid. The first time I used one, I really liked it and noticed a big difference in my mood and overall energy. As I continued to use them, however, each patch worked differently. So sometimes I would feel different right away and other times I wouldn’t feel different at all.  There are 8 patches per pack, so it can be a bit expensive initially if you are trying to build up your B12 levels.

The second product I tried was Pure Vegan B12 Spray. Each spray contains 500 mcg of Methylcobalamin and there are 175 doses in the 1 oz. bottle. Since you are squirting the B12 directly into your mouth, the vitamin is absorbed much more quickly into your system. I love this! If I am feeling a bit funky or tired, all I have to do is spray some in my mouth and in a couple of minutes I feel great. The bonus is that I can easily carry it my bag and share it with anyone else who may need some too. It also lasts a long time which is bit easier on the pocketbook.

Have you tried these or other B12 supplements? I would love to hear your comments on the blog, Facebook or Twitter.