Earth Day 2011: Water Wars, Earthships and Nuclear Waste

I spent Earth Day 2011 partaking in the marathon of environmental documentaries on The Sundance Channel.

I made it through 3 movies before becoming completely overwhelmed by the emotions they provoked.

The next time you sit down to watch something, please consider one of the following. You won’t be disappointed.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

To say I was blown away by this movie is a complete understatement. It clearly shows the path we are on as a human race that will perpetuate wars in the future over water; just as there are wars over oil today. Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments are vying for control of the dwindling supply. Do you want your survival to depend on their decisions? [website]

Garbage Warrior

This is a fun and infuriating rollercoaster ride! Michael Reynolds is quite a character and his fight to introduce sustainable housing is incredibly inspiring. The bureaucracy that he has put up with would have caused most people to give up long ago, but as with most visionaries, he didn’t. He is an extraordinary individual and I fully support his dream of getting us all ‘off the grid’. [website]

Waste: The Nuclear Nightmare
(Déchets, le cauchemar du nucléaire )

I could not find a version of the trailer in English, so here it is in French.

If you thought what is happening in Japan is scary, wait until you see this! This documentary shows what has been going on for years across the planet with regard to nuclear waste and it is astonishing. This is a must-see for anyone wondering about the safety of nuclear energy and the waste it produces.

Have you seen any or all of these documentaries? I would love to hear your comments on the blog, Facebook or Twitter.