Sunday evening is always a combination of relaxation and anxiety for me. I love the ‘calm before the storm’ that it gives me but also struggle with overwhelming thoughts about what the coming week will hold.

In case you are also grappling with drumming up some energy, motivation and excitement about your upcoming week, here’s a great video – especially if you are a movie buff like me!

What do you do to get inspired?


I just got a B12 Booster!

Recently, I noticed I was running out my Pure Vegan B12 spray. I was contemplating going back to the Healthy Habit B12 Energy Patches I had used before just to mix it up a bit. My top priority, regardless of the form of my B12, was to buy local (a commitment I made at the beginning of the summer). Unfortunately, no one in my area sells any B12 except in the form of a pill. I don’t like pills, so I decided to take a leap that I had been thinking about for while. What about getting a B12 shot?!

It seemed a bit drastic and to be honest the only time I had heard anything about them was from celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Madonna (yes! I still consider myself hip enough to reference them in my blog!). I knew there was a local lab that did it but I didn’t know any of the details. So, of course, I did a bit of internet research.

According to Any Lab Test Now’s website, a Vitamin B12 injection can:

  • Increase Your Energy
  • Help You Lose Weight
  • Enhance Your Mood
  • Improve Your Sleep

Who doesn’t want all that and for only $15!? So I sucked up some courage, made my way down to the lab and sat in the waiting area for my turn. In less than 5 minutes, my body contained a B12 booster. I thought I was going to have to get one every week, but the woman giving me the shot said she had one every 3 weeks to help her sleep. I’m anxious to see if I get all of the promised benefits in the coming weeks too.

Have you had a B12 shot? What benefits did you experience? Please share your thoughts below, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Can Maca Really Do All That!?!

As I learned more about my rascally root friend; Maca, I was astounded by the many benefits it offers.

Regulates and Balances the Systems of the Body

Maca is an adaptogen. This means that it helps the body adapt to stress and changing situations. It works with the your natural rhythms to help rebuildĀ  immune systems, re-mineralize bodies and increase energy and endurance.

It also helps balance your hormones. It can decrease the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. Depression and PMS can also be alleviated along with thyroid and fibromyalgia issues.

Improved Sexual Response and Fertility

Maca has been used as an aphrodisiac for many years because of its ability to increase sex drive, sexual arousal and physical performance during sex. It can also relieve other low libido effects in women like decreased vaginal lubrication and ability to have an orgasm.

It helps with fertility as well since it increases sperm count, motility and volume in men and positively affects ovarian function in women. It also decreases anxiety and stress which can sometimes be a factor with infertility.

Increases Energy Levels and Mental Clarity

Maca can increase energy and improve both stamina and endurance. Unlike caffeine, Maca is a healthy choice for increasing energy because it is not a stimulant. It obtains its benefits from vitamins and minerals, which is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Many people who use Maca also report increased mental clarity.

In my next post, I will give you some recommendations on Maca products.

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What do you think about Maca? Have you tried it? I would love to hear your comments on the blog, on facebook or on twitter.