Is Being Vegan a Dating Deal Breaker?

I recently read a post by Gena Hamshaw of Choosing Raw where she talks about someone who gave up being vegan because of her boyfriend.

That got me thinking. Is being a wannabe vegan a dating deal breaker?

Unless you have met through an online service where the person already knows you about your lifestyle, you have a couple of choices when communicating this information; tell them right away or wait until later in the relationship (assuming all goes well).

I have tried both and I found that waiting worked better for me.

When I brought it up right away, it became more of a debate and judgment crept into the conversation. I think this was because we didn’t know each very well. This made it easier to see it as a distinct difference that was insurmountable instead of an opportunity for both of us to learn more about the other person.

When I revealed it later in a relationship, I treated it as just another detail about who I am, and it was much more natural. It was a nice conversation with questions and answers based on sincere curiosity. Again, I think this was because of the level of understanding we already had with each other.

So, instead of it being a roadblock, it was a chance for me to more fully explore my beliefs and for them to learn about a lifestyle they weren’t really sure about but were open to discovering.

This gave us both the opportunity to see the ‘big picture’ of the other person’s ideals without one issue being so overriding that it became a deal breaker for either.

What has been your experience when dating a vegan / nonvegan? I would love to hear your suggestions /comments on the blog, on Facebook or on Twitter.